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Titles of our dogs Patou,
dog show results from our
Pyrenees Mountain Dog.

The breeding has in its Patou herd since its creation in 2003,

8 ELITE A or B rating 5 or 6.

59 Recommended by the RACP rating 4.

13 Selected by RACP rating 3.

79 Free from dysplasia -A-


with parentage verification as well as all health tests carried out

etFree from degenerative myelopathy (DM), Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR1), Drug Sensitivity (MDR1), Glanzmann Thrombasthenia Hemophilia, Retinal Atrophy, Polydactyly, Shedding....

At the Plaine d'Astrée breeding farm you have the certainty

to have a healthy puppy with genetic diseases detectable by DNA

because all our marriages are studied with care without illness.

URA-BELLE from Val du Lavedan: (the basis of our breeding)

French Standard Conformity Champion. Lice Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A -

BRISE TOLE of the Plaine d’Astrée: Youth Champion of France. Stallion Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A-

BELL'VENLA of the Plaine d'Astrée: Champion of Finland.

DELL' ARDEN of the Plaine d’Astrée: Vice-Champion of France in Standard Conformity.

FLOYD de la Plaine d’Astrée: French Standard Conformity Champion, International Beauty Champion, European Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Monaco Champion, Spanish Champion, Mediterranean Champion 2013 and 2014, Ranked Best Dog at the Top Montagne des Pyrénées 2013 in France and Europe, Floyd is on the front page of Chiens 2000 Special Pyrenees Mountain Dogs.

GINON - JULIETTE de la Plaine d’Astrée: Vice-Champion of Italy.

HUTCHINSON of the Plaine d’Astrée: Swiss Beauty Champion (son of Floyd who came from Reunion Island to present himself at the European in Geneva, Hutch is a dog who works with the herd!) Beau et Bon exists.... Associating Beauty dog and dog at Work is possible.
PASSION FRUIT from the Plaine d’Astrée:Vice-Champion of Europe, International Champion of Beauty, Champion of Monaco, Vice-Champion of Luxembourg.

HAWKE SPRING FELLOW of the Plaine d'Astrée: International Beauty Champion. Stallion Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A -

INDIANA JONES Plaine d’Astrée from the domain of the Dukes of Brittany: Vice-Champion of France for compliance with the standard.

JOUVENCE-ORRI of the Plaine d’Astrée: International Beauty Champion. Champion of Monaco.

JACK LONDON AT JAP'LOUP de la Plaine d'Astrée: International Beauty Champion. Youth Champion of France. Ranked 3rd and 4th in the French and National Breeding Championship.

JYL-ANKHA of the Plain of Astrée: International Beauty Champion. Vice-Champion of France - RCACS at the Nationale d'Elevage RACP 2018 - Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A -

MULDER of the Plain of Astrée:International Beauty Champion.

MONET says Fun Plaine d’Astrée de Bigerionnes: Stallion Rating 5 by the RACP - Elite B -

MYSTERY of the Plain of Astrée: Stallion Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A -

OLDOWAY of the Plaine d’Astrée: Stallion Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A - International Beauty Champion, Monaco Champion, Ranked 6th. Excellent at the Mondiale Argelès-Gazost as well as the Argelès national breeding event in September 2023.

POLAR BEAR of the Plain of Astrée: International Beauty Champion. 5th.COF at the Nationale d’Elevage Argelès-Gazost 2023. 2nd.COF at the Nationale d’Elevage Argelès-Gazost 2021.

PEN-DUICK BLUE MARINE from Plaine d’Astrée: International Beauty Champion.

REE-HYO of the Plaine d’Astrée: 1st.Excellent CIM. at the Nationale d'Elevage RACP Argelès-Gazost 2022 - Recommended.

SOLARYS de la Plaine d’Astrée: Recommended French Youth Champion.

TOP GUN of the Plaine d’Astrée:2nd Excellent CIM. at the Mondiale RACP Argelès-Gazost 2023 - Recommended.

TYBAT of the Plain of Astrée:2nd Excellent CJM. at the Mondiale RACP Argelès-Gazost 2023 - Recommended (in progress).

TSUNAMI of the Plaine d’Astrée: 5th Excellent CIF. at the Nationale d'Elevage RCAP Argelès-Gazost 2023 Recommended.

The breeding of the Plaine d'Astrée thanks to its honesty and seriousness for years is classified for the years 2012, 2013.....


By choice some years we will not be ranked 1st but always in the 4 best breeding because we have chosen to go out to show abroad, we cannot be everywhere at the same time.... These exhibitions at the Foreigners not only bring us Champion titles but also allow us to get to know good sires and to be able to compare our production to the biggest European breeders.

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Our Exhibition Results

Our main results in dog shows.

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