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Patou dog breeding, Pyrenees mountains

Every serious breeder must have this type of display at home, the rewards demonstrate serious quality work, be wary of breeders who will tell you not to keep them for "x reasons".... Nothing is more beautiful than keep and show our rewards that our dogs will have obtained.

logo breeding of the plain of astree patou

You have just connected to our site and we thank you for your interest in our breeding.

You probably want to own a dog or replace one that recently disappeared.

But above all, we believe we must warn you about the long-term consequences of the decision you are considering.

A dog is not a piece of furniture, nor a trinket or a toy that we buy to satisfy the fashion of the day. Or even satisfy a passing ecstasy. Because a dog, above all, is a living creature that deserves all your consideration and affection. 

If you seriously want to acquire a puppy, you must take the time to think about your choice. On the other hand, you are certainly hesitant about the selection of your future companion and his breeder.

What race ? What size? Male or female?

You must also worry about discerning whether your future acquisition corresponds and suits your lifestyle. To your character, your environment, etc...! 

A dog enters your home and becomes, in a way, a member of your family for ten to fifteen years. A long period which deserves deep reflection on your part, faced with all these questions.

Who should you contact for advice?  

First of all, please know that we are at your complete disposal to help you benefit from our experience.

Then, it would be wise to contact your usual veterinarian or a reputable practitioner who will inform you about the reputation of the breeders you have chosen. This consultation must be done in accordance with the ethics of their profession.

Then know that there are serious breeders, practicing this profession with competence and whose reputation is firmly established. They are known in the profession.

However be careful! There are also breeders who seek profit above all else. They most often source their products from foreign countries whose hygiene rules are ignored. Or they practice intensive industrial-type breeding, for example in    “closed buildings”.

It’s easy to select the good ones from the bad ones.

Ask to visit their facilities, so you will quickly know the conditions in which your patou puppy would be born. We recommend that during your visit you check the cleanliness of the parks and kennels. The smell will inform you of the presence of excrement, which indicates a lack of hygiene and a lack of disinfection, a source of epizootics.

Also take advantage of this to eliminate a breeder that produces more than 80 puppies per year or more than five litters in the same month and has more than 3 breeds of dogs. It is too much and difficult to manage because it is subject to diseases caused by promiscuity, without forgetting the socialization of young Patou puppies which is very important for their future balance. A mother should not produce more than a single litter per year for her balance and health and a maximum of 4 litters in her life.

Generally speaking, don't hesitate to travel, travel miles and spend several days to form an opinion on this or that breeding.

Absolutely ban pet stores and all attractive commercial advertisements, such as home deliveries, which are often synonymous with an unregulated living environment.

Also be wary of this new fashion. For some time now, some not very conscientious breeders, guided by a mercantile spirit, have been presenting for sale on simple photos, Patou puppies barely a few days or even a few hours old.

Avoid all the sellers who present their Pyrenees mountain puppies to you to choose from photos and do not give you the joy of choosing your patou puppy after the age of 8 weeks. The photo does not speak of the character trait of each of the Pyrenees mountain puppies, nor even of his desire to come to you, of your personal crush, and it is inconceivable to be obliged to choose your puppy before the age of 8 weeks and sometimes even some from birth, solely depending on the colors, colors which remember will evolve over time for many puppies....

Beyond a warning against this drift, we would prefer to appeal to the simple     “common sense” of future customers.

It is obvious that the final choice of a Pyrenean mountain puppy can only be made when the morphology and character of each individual of the siblings reveal distinctive and significant signs. These characteristics only appear from the age of 6 weeks and not before, or more precisely between 8 and 10 weeks.

A breeder who offers you a patou puppy chosen before the age of 6 weeks, or even who boasts of "magnificent quality for exhibitions or such character...." before 10 weeks, is not credible. This is a pure and simple aberration, even a scam!!! Run away from these kinds of dog sellers!!!!

Before 6 weeks it is impossible to realize the good formation of the teeth, nor the presence of testicles for males. It is also impossible to comment on the quality of the morphology, on the correct gaits, angulations, limbs and postures, and let's not even talk about the character trait of your future puppy! In a litter there are the dominants, the lively ones, the calm ones, the submissive ones, the sensitive ones etc....

Reserving does not mean choosing. At the Plaine d'Astrée kennel, you reserve a patou puppy, that is to say you take a place to select it from nine weeks old, yourself "in person", with our assistance.  ;

On the other hand, future owners often fall in love with this or that patou puppy. This is respected at the Plaine d’Astrée!!!! We are at your disposal to share our experience with you and guide you in your choice. 

At the Plaine d'Astrée breeding we do not claim that we exclusively produce Pyrenees mountain puppies free from all defects but we guarantee you a beautiful and good dog typical of its beautiful breed, therefore a rustic patou of large size preferably , exemption from dysplasia throughout the lineage and collaterals. If as an adult you have a problem with your dysplasia patou dog, we will refund you or give you another companion depending on each case.

On this subject, remain cautious with regard to amateur or family mountain breeders in the Pyrenees because their guarantees remain uncertain. They are not subject to payroll taxes and professional contractor overheads. In addition, a professional is at your service 24 hours a day, while the amateur has a main profession and does not live constantly with his Pyrenees mountain dogs.

Finally, be aware that French legislation strictly regulates the pet trade.

All patou puppies must be identified (tattoos or microchips) and have a certificate of good health.

Furthermore, they come from Montagne des Pyrénées breeders registered with the L.O.F. (French Book of Origins) over several generations, and all awarded at least Recommended - rating 4 by the RACP and the SCC. When choosing your future patou puppy, only choose breeders who make the effort to list their breeding stock. A litter rated 4 (father) + 4 (mother) or with an Elite A (6) or Elite B (5) is likely to bring you a lot of joy and quality guarantees. Demand to see the titles of Legally the sale must take place from the age of eight weeks. At the Plaine d'Astrée, we have chosen to let our Patou babies leave only from the age of 10 weeks, because we believe that they need our socialization as well as their Patou mother to guide them. to be good and beautiful balanced patou dogs. Our love for our Patou puppies and the need associated with the pleasure of seeing them grow, it is never urgent for us to see all our Pyrenees mountain babies leave on the same day from 8 weeks old, we would be too sad. We are above all passionate about our 4-legged companions, of course, we live from our breeding and for our Pyrenean mountain dogs, but animal welfare is respected in the same way as if it were our children. There is never any rush to sell our quality Pyrenees puppies. We are very frank and very respectful of the standard of our Pyrenean breed with extreme non-consanguineous marriages for good health. An honest and serious breeder will talk to you about the Patou breed with pleasure, will be happy to show you the Pyrenees mountain parents of your future Patou puppy, it is important to know what your Pyrenees mountain dog companion will look like once an adult. Otherwise, you might as well go and save a survivor's life at the SPA.

breeding of the plain of astree patou puppy

During the sale we provide you with:

  - A certificate of sale and guarantees, clearly stipulating the description of your acquisition, the origins of the puppy, the payment terms as well as the obligations of each party. 

  - A health record.

  - A collection containing advice on breeding, care, feeding and education, as well as all recommended natural treatments sent by email.

  - A DNA test certifying the authenticity of the origin of your puppy as well as its good health.

  - A file number confirming registration for the current LOF.

  - Lifetime follow-up for all requests concerning our darling patounet.


breeding of the plain of astree patou puppy

Your Pyrenean bear cub wills trust,

don't disappoint him,

be a master up to the task for life!

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