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Adult Pyrenees Mountain Dogs
or Patou available for sale

Tea for Two named Titoune in everyday life, as well as her sister Tigress, are desperately waiting for a family to look at them. However, the adoption conditions are significantly better and more advantageous than at the SPA, the quality of the bitches is higher than what you can find in shelters, one of them would be great to work in herd protection, the another more family dog in a large plot of land.... They are well in their paws, but are not made to live in the city in a ridiculous garden, and even less in an apartment, they need minimum space, but They deserve to be loved for their true worth! So do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about them, because if the budget for acquiring a patou puppy exceeds your possibilities, that of adopting these two patou puppies may suit you. That said, also understand that for me it is very unpleasant to have a simple message "how much is the price?" I'm not a carpet dealer! So, a visit is essential, getting to know more is imperative, it is imperative for me to know what you are going to offer in terms of quality of life to my two Pyrenees mountain dogs born on August 11, 2022. They are of course confirmable and suitable for going out to exhibitions if you feel like it. Don't leave them without interest and without an outside perspective, I can guarantee you that they are capable of loving you as much as a puppy, the basics of education are there and the nonsense of young puppies is no longer relevant!

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