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My story

The Plain of Astrée....

A great story of love, of passion, of a life,

For the two most beautiful complementary breeds.

So that Only Passion creates the event....



Some of you are wondering about this name. 

Above all, you should know that once chosen, an affix of a dog breeder remains attached to the name of the breeder throughout its activity and whatever the address of its farm.

Also, I will try to satisfy your curiosity.


I spent my childhood in Nervieux, a small village nestled in the heart of the Plaine du Forez on the banks of the Loire, between the Monts du Lyonnais and the Puys d’Auvergne range.

When I started breeding Beauce Shepherd dogs, then later the Pyrenees mountain dog, I naturally remained attached to this region. My first installations of my breeding were carried out in an old farm, a few places from where I lived my young years. This ancient farmhouse has the particularity of being located in the vicinity of the Château de la Bâtie d’Urfé, to which it probably belonged.


To understand, a look back at the historical past is necessary.


“La Bâtie”, this illustrious residence, is built on the banks of the Lignon, a river described in the Middle Ages as “the gentle flow”. The castle was built at the beginning of the 16th century by Jacques d'Urfé, who married Renée de Savoie.  Tutor of the children of King Henry II, son of François 1st.  D’Urfé imbues La Bâtie with the style of the Italian Renaissance introduced to France following the return of the numerous Italian wars. The Château de la Bâtie was remodeled at the beginning of the 17th century by the construction of a Gallery with 12 columns and an equestrian access ramp guarded by a sphinx.

Born in 1567, while the Wars of Religion were decimating the kingdom, it was in this home that Honoré d'Urfé's childhood passed. Very early on, country life attracted him more than the Court. He went to Paris to continue his studies at the Jesuit college of Tournon and at sixteen, he composed his first pastoral poem, Sireine, which was not published until 1604.

Once his studies were completed, Honoré d’Urfé became involved alongside the Catholics. He made his profession in the Order of Malta and joined the League in 1590, thus opposing King Henry III. He was taken prisoner twice by royal troops. Forced to leave the kingdom, he placed himself in the service of the Duke of Savoy, his great uncle. It was the reconciliation between the Kingdom of France and the Duchy of Savoy, in 1603, which then brought him closer to Henry IV. 

Installed at the castle of “la Bâtie”, Honoré d'Urfé then published the second volume of his Moral Epistles (the first volume dates from 1598), which he expanded in 1608 and 1619. Honoré d'Urfé after having led a life adventurous, died in 1625.

Under the title “L’Astrée”, the work of the first French novelist is brought together. Pastoral novel of five thousand pages, composed of five parts, each divided into twelve books. This complex web of intrigues featuring nearly two hundred characters in a bucolic setting makes Astrée a difficult work to summarize. However, we will remember the dominant plot, which includes the loves of the shepherd Céladon for the shepherdess Astrée. 

This work, very quickly in its time, became a manual of politeness and a treatise on the art of loving or libertinage. His immense influence went beyond the framework of literature to create a work of civilization by serving as an example to an aristocracy that was still a little rough at the dawn of the 17th century.

This is why I wanted to include history in the choice of my affix.


The Plaine du Forez of my childhood with the novel de l'Astrée, whose scenario took place near my first breeding of Beauceron and Patous dogs, in Sainte-Foy-Saint-Sulpice, it seemed quite natural to me that my affix is called :


Breeding Beauce Shepherds and Pyrenees Mountain Dogs since 1993.



Each of us, in the secret garden of our heart, cultivates the memories of our childhood dreams. I cannot escape this fad and my love for “Patous” dates back to the dawn of my adolescence.

Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree
Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree

In my early years, I had just turned ten, when the “Pyrenees Mountain Dog” suddenly burst into my life.

“Belle and Sébastien”, origin of Patou.

It started in class with reading and writing exercises on the themes of the book “Belle & Sebastian.” Afterwards, I watched the cartoon with fascination. Finally Television monopolized the subject in a saga film where I did not miss a single episode of this soap opera.

Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree
Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree
Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree

Literally captivated by the story of this little boy born in a high mountain refuge on Saint Sebastian's Day. Admiring and fascinated especially by this large white dog, born on January 20, the same day as Sébastien. Troubled and moved by the adversity of humans towards this dog “Belle”. After six years of wanderings and vicissitudes, she finally found refuge with Sébastien. This boy with a wild character, orphaned at birth, adopted shortly after by old “César”. In this home, he grew up solitary and independent in the heart of a cheerful Pyrenees valley. The novel then relates the deep love that will bring Belle and Sébastien together throughout their adventures.

Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree
Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree

My dream: A Pyrenees Mountain dog breeder.

Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree
Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree

As a little girl, in a dream, I hoped, as in the book, to own a large white dog like “Belle”. At this stage of my life, this meeting triggered in me an exceptional passion for the canine race. Over the years, this will become a devouring and legendary passion with dogs.

Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree
Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree

But when you are a young teenage girl, there is a long way from dream to reality. Despite my pressing requests, my mother tirelessly refused to open our door to a “Beautiful”.

His equivocal arguments, in the face of my entreaties, always remained the same: Because too big, too hairy, too “if”, too “that”, etc...!  But that didn't stop me from then on, saving piece by piece, from my pocket money, in the hope of buying without delay a "Belle", which I imagined virtually at my side.

Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree

Unfortunately, my parents did not give in, especially since our house already had two Brittany spaniels plus another mongrel dog. So a “Mountain of the Pyrenees” and more! It was vain to think about it. However, I still persisted tirelessly in my dream.

The years passed, then at 14 for Christmas, my love of dogs was overtaken by my aunt GINON, owner of the Berger de Beauce breeder “De la Trottière”. This gift from the family came at just the right time. My reluctant mother no longer found anything to complain about, faced with the sacrosanct concept of “the GINON family spirit”. I broke down, trapped by this big black and tan doggie, “Briska” a Beauceronne dog. Despite everything, in a hidden corner of my heart, the image of “Belle” slumbered tirelessly.

Belle and Sébastien of the Plain of Astree

My vocation has been affirmed over the years. Quite naturally a second dog seemed essential to me. I fell in love with a puppy I named “Flash”. And it was total happiness between us. With “Flash” we fully immersed ourselves in the canine world. Continuing exhibitions and competitions, winning first prizes, becoming beauty champions, we have made a name for ourselves. “Flash” will become the dog of my life and will thus be at the origin of the line that I created “de la Plaine d’Astrée”.

Alas the life of a dog is too short, when he left our world I was distraught, I felt alone and abandoned. It was then that the little flame of “Belle” rooted deep in my heart came to comfort me. The big white dog was always there to comfort me.


My decision was made. After more than twenty years of waiting, I realized my childhood dream. I undertook extensive research, carefully selected dozens of origins, checked consanguinity. And finally, I discovered my “Belle”. It will become the best strain of the Pyrenees Mountains “de la Plaine d’Astrée”.

Then other female dogs came to join the breeding to develop its expansion. They come from different lines complementary to ours. To further improve our bloodlines, we do not hesitate to call on the best stallions compatible with our competitors.

Marie-Raphaëlle with judicious crossbreeding, perseverance and her innate sense for improving the breed, succeeded in creating a new generation of "Montagne des Pyrénées" with our affix "de la Plaine d'Astrée" with a laudatory track record. .

URA-BELLE from Val du Lavedan: (the basis of our breeding)

French Standard Conformity Champion. Lice Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A -

BRISE TOLE of the Plaine d’Astrée: Youth Champion of France. Stallion Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A-

BELL'VENLA of the Plaine d'Astrée: Champion of Finland.

DELL' ARDEN of the Plaine d’Astrée: Vice-Champion of France in Standard Conformity.

FLOYD de la Plaine d’Astrée: French Standard Conformity Champion, International Beauty Champion, European Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Monaco Champion, Spanish Champion, Mediterranean Champion 2013 and 2014, Ranked Best Dog at the Top Montagne des Pyrénées 2013 in France and Europe, Floyd is on the front page of Chiens 2000 Special Pyrenees Mountain Dogs.

GINON - JULIETTE de la Plaine d’Astrée: Vice-Champion of Italy.

HUTCHINSON of the Plaine d’Astrée: Swiss Beauty Champion (son of Floyd who came from Reunion Island to present himself at the European in Geneva, Hutch is a dog who works with the herd!) Beau et Bon exists.... Associating Beauty dog and dog at Work is possible.
PASSION FRUIT from the Plaine d’Astrée:Vice-Champion of Europe, International Champion of Beauty, Champion of Monaco, Vice-Champion of Luxembourg.

HAWKE SPRING FELLOW of the Plaine d'Astrée: International Beauty Champion. Stallion Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A -

INDIANA JONES Plaine d’Astrée from the domain of the Dukes of Brittany: Vice-Champion of France for compliance with the standard.

JOUVENCE-ORRI of the Plaine d’Astrée: International Beauty Champion. Champion of Monaco.

JACK LONDON AT JAP'LOUP de la Plaine d'Astrée: International Beauty Champion. Youth Champion of France. Ranked 3rd and 4th in the French and National Breeding Championship.

JYL-ANKHA of the Plain of Astrée: International Beauty Champion. Vice-Champion of France - RCACS at the Nationale d'Elevage RACP 2018 - Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A -

MULDER of the Plain of Astrée:International Beauty Champion.

MONET says Fun Plaine d’Astrée de Bigerionnes: Stallion Rating 5 by the RACP - Elite B -

MYSTERY of the Plain of Astrée: Stallion Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A -

OLDOWAY of the Plaine d’Astrée: Stallion Rating 6 by the RACP - Elite A - International Beauty Champion, Monaco Champion, Ranked 6th. Excellent at the Mondiale Argelès-Gazost as well as the Argelès national breeding event in September 2023.

POLAR BEAR of the Plain of Astrée: International Beauty Champion. 5th.COF at the Nationale d’Elevage Argelès-Gazost 2023. 2nd.COF at the Nationale d’Elevage Argelès-Gazost 2021.

PEN-DUICK BLUE MARINE from Plaine d’Astrée: International Beauty Champion.

REE-HYO of the Plaine d’Astrée: 1st.Excellent CIM. at the Nationale d'Elevage RACP Argelès-Gazost 2022 - Recommended.

SOLARYS de la Plaine d’Astrée: Recommended French Youth Champion.

TOP GUN of the Plaine d’Astrée:2nd Excellent CIM. at the Mondiale RACP ArgelèsGazost 2023 - Recommended.

TYBAT of the Plain of Astrée:2nd Excellent CJM. at the Mondiale RACP ArgelèsGazost 2023 - Recommended (in progress).

TSUNAMI of the Plaine d’Astrée: 5th Excellent CIF. at the Nationale d'Elevage RCAP Argelès-Gazost 2023 Recommended.

The breeding has in its Patou herd since its creation in 2003,

8 ELITE A or B rating 5 or 6.

59 Recommended by the RACP rating 4.

13 Selected by RACP rating 3.

79 Free from dysplasia -A-


with parentage verification as well as all health tests carried out

etFree from degenerative myelopathy (DM), Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR1), Drug Sensitivity (MDR1), Glanzmann Thrombasthenia Hemophilia, Retinal Atrophy, Polydactyly, Shedding....

At the Plaine d'Astrée breeding farm you have the certainty

to have a healthy puppy with genetic diseases detectable by DNA

because all our marriages are studied with care without illness.

Such a harvest of rewards combined with the courage and honesty of our breeding, currently allows us to sell and export purebred puppies, with the "Plaine d'Astrée" label, throughout the world.

Our efforts are not letting up, however.

The prospects for breeding, concerning in addition to the selection and improvement of the Patou breed, are commensurate with our ambitions.

To do this, we have given ourselves the means both technically and in terms of the genetics of the breeding stock, also with:

- Efficient breeding facilities... large refurbished parks, equipped with spacious chalets - shelters.

- Constant health and prophylactic monitoring associated with homeopathy and osteopathy. High quality BARF healthy food....etc....

We attach great importance to the genetics we have created. We have great hopes for the “Plaine d’Astrée” puppies. They will allow us to calmly consider the future of our breeding.  

This is how we today have the satisfaction of owning very valuable stallions, as well as superb Pyrenees mountain horses with prestigious origins.

- We also acquired an external male which was recently ranked 1st. Excellent CIM at the Nationale d'Elevage RACP Argelès-Gazost complementary to our dogs to bring new blood into our lines, "Louksor de Alba de los Danzantes" son of the superb Champion of Beauty, Navarre de Bigérionnes - and of the magnificent Champion of Beauty, Riglos de Alba de los Danzantes. Louksor is today a Recommended stallion.

All  "Patous" from our production are in great shape, all have hip x-rays and are free from dysplasia A as well as not affected by Degenerative Myelopathy. All our livestock are now Recommended rating 4 by the RACP, and selected for 3 of our young animals. They are all genetically identified by DNA. You are guaranteed to obtain a certified pedigree on the parentage of origins. We love following our puppies, receiving news and photos. I will also be delighted to accompany you in the exhibition rings.

You will thus appreciate with us, the development of our female dogs and stallion dogs and their rise to the title of beauty champion but above all of our hearts!!!!

The breeding of the Plaine d'Astrée thanks to its honesty and seriousness for years is classified for the years 2012, 2013.....


By choice some years we will not be ranked 1st but always in the 4 best breeding because we have chosen to go out to show abroad, we cannot be everywhere at the same time.... These exhibitions at the Foreigners not only bring us Champion titles but also allow us to get to know good sires and to be able to compare our production to the biggest European breeders.

Be careful, this doesn’t mean I’m abandoning my Beaucerons!

Shepherd dog par excellence, perfectly complementary to the Patou....

and there you have it... “MY BEAUTIFUL”

On her 3 month birthday...

Typical portrait of his Patou breed....

ura-belle du val du lavedan - astrée plain


Welcome to the pages of our official site of the Patous and Beaucerons dog breeding of "La Plaine d'Astrée", to find the history of our affix, whose origin dates back to the Bas-Rouge breeding of the Trottiere, and our passion for Cécile Aubry's film "Belle et Sébastien". Our breeding of "Montagne des Pyrénées" puppies also called "Patou" and "Berger de Beauce" puppies also called "Beauceron" or "Bas-Rouge" selects breeders registered in the French Book of Origins (LOF) under the supervision of the Central Canine Society.

You will be able to discover on this site the standard of the "Montagne des Pyrénées", as well as the character and use of the Patou and the selection of our production of healthy rustic puppies with their DNA in our breeding from the most beautiful dog origins mountain ranges of the Pyrenees recognized throughout the world. You will also discover enormous information about the Hardy Pyrenees Mountain Dog and our way of breeding.

Our "Lords of the Mountains" the faithful Patou is a Protection dog above all loving the great outdoors and able to take initiatives independent of the orders of his master, extremely intelligent, adorable with respectable children.

Our "country gentleman" is a herding dog under the orders of his master, tirelessly courageous, the Beauceron will shine in many disciplines if he finds a master who is up to his abilities, he is a family dog ideal, good guardian very balanced with respectable children.

Our "Lords of the Mountains, flawless protector", come from the best Pyrenean strains healthy by DNA, free from dysplasia officially read by the official reader of the RACP breed club, Free from degenerative myelopathy (DM), Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR1 ),Drug Sensitivity (MDR1), Glanzmann Thrombasthenia Hemophilia, Retinal Atrophy, Polydactyly, Shedding. All our livestock is Recommended or Elite A - B - Free from dysplasia A - With all DNA health tests carried out and healthy, which guarantees you to live with an excellent Pyrenees Mountain Dog in good health for many years.

We present to you many photos of all of our faithful Pyrenees Mountain dogs, true protectors and Patous videos and can also inform you about our marriages of our Patous bitches as well as their current puppies and young Pyrenees Mountain dogs available or to be reserved.​

It is also very important to consult our breeding and training warnings and advice pages before purchasing a Patou puppy. The access plan will allow you to visit us by appointment at the dog breeder in Visan in the PACA region bordering Rhône-Alpes.


Patou and Beauceron
two breeds perfectly
sociable and complementary....

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