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of our Pyrenees Mountain dogs



Osiris-Khentamentiou of the Plain of Astrée

was married on November 19, 2023
with our stallions

Ray-Nho of the Plain of Astrée
as well as
Luxor de Alba de Los Danzantes

we hope for great bears
for January 20, 2024
St. Sebastian's Day

All our dogs are free from genetic diseases by DNA:

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

(Marriage only Homozygous x Heterozygous or Homozygous between them to avoid the birth of sick puppies with double mutated genes)

Retinal atrophy MDR1 Drug sensitivity CMR1 Hemophilia GT etc.....

(Our entire herd is homozygous, all healthy for these diseases, so no health problems).


As authorized by the SCC, we often breed our daughters to two different stallions in order to have the opportunity to advance very quickly in genetics.

Authorization of course obtained from the fact that ALL our production is officially registered by DNA with recognized affiliation to the SCC over several generations,

we will therefore undoubtedly have different pedigrees with a rich future to work passionately and usefully within the Pyrenees Mountain Dog breed.

mating with three patou dogs

Our upcoming weddings are carefully considered and carefully considered.

For the respect and well-being of our dogs we never breed them before the age of 2 and a half years, see the age of 4 and only once a year!

Some of our girls have only bred once in their lives!!!!

Our breeders are all genetically certified, sided and x-rayed....

All our puppies have their DNA genetic test with the parents

which certifies the authenticity of their origins....

Future serious exhibitors, if you are interested in a patou from the Plaine d'Astrée, do not hesitate to let us know, we will appreciate signing a breeding contract for a superb patounet for shows, with the sole aim of improving the breed and to safeguard the qualities of the ancestors and their magnificent lineage.

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