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puppy-patou-montagne-des-pyrenees plain of astree

Text written by Manon,

14 year old girl responsible for her dog Belka from Plaine d'Astrée.

They would give us their lives, forbid us from leaving their skin, their flesh and their own bones. They would kill, without even a hesitation, anyone who dared to touch you even a hair. They remain faithful to you until their last breath. You are their life, the one who matters most to them, their “friend”, their “model”. His heart beats to the rhythm of yours. If he were unfortunate enough to stop beating, he will let himself die at your side. Betrayal is human, such a companion will never betray you. Selfishness is human, selfish it will never be. Hate is human, the word hate does not exist for them. Our mistakes are theirs. They pay for us. At the cost of their own lives. They are misunderstood, abandoned, betrayed, abandoned... in one look they understand you, they would rather die than have to let go of you. We make them our own reflections. The dog is a perfect animal, it becomes the reflection of its master, when the latter acquires it. He will love her, more than his own life, than his soul. He will become the companion that his master makes him. How can a race be said to be bad? How can we say that an innocent beast is a bloodthirsty animal? They pay for their master, they leave their lives, without any resentment. Such a companion is deserved. How many people on earth deserve such a friend? The man is ignorant. Do we talk enough about dogs who serve as bait, drug couriers.... who suffer for such idiots? Is it our dog friends who are making our earth a walking, toxic waste? Is it them who ask to land in such hands? Do we euthanize all the poor people who kill each other, who wage war, or who touch such innocent animals? No !!! And yet.... what reasons lead them to do this?

A “dangerous” dog? .... it's a dog who suffered the filth of a "human", who suffers, completely misunderstood. Dangerous breeds?

On the planet, I only know one, I am part of this species myself.... 

How can we listen to the lies denounced on TV? Why “judge” when you don’t know?

The dog is not born man's best friend, he becomes one over time....

If our ancestors saw this, what would they say...?

Have we tamed dogs to eliminate certain breeds? 


The dog is the only reflection of its master, 

Humans are the only reflection of beautiful stupidity...

puppy-patou-montagne-des-pyrenees plain of astree



Our time is precious.... Our diary is full....

In order to avoid “tourist visits”, (because we are neither a store nor a playground) which make us waste precious time and during this time prevents us from taking care of our animals, to occupy some of your days walk, we decided to charge for this pleasure.

The sum of 10 euros per adult will be requested (in cash to avoid unpaid bills). In exchange you will be provided with a receipt with your last name attesting to the amount paid. If the visit results in the purchase of a puppy in your family name or a firm reservation, we will not ask you anything. This receipt will be deducted in the event of a definitive purchase of a puppy in your name in the future, valid for 3 years.

For those who are resistant to this approach, know that after a quarter of a century serving humanity graciously for the pleasure and passion of animals, but after often having had little respect and thanks, criticism is always easier than mutual aid and respect for others, pleasure will not put butter in the spinach as they say…. The maintenance and food of our companions is not free, putting all my knowledge at your service for a good hour, you will understand that I do not work for nothing…. For those who answer “but it’s your job…. », only one answer that we will give…. “Are you working for free for your boss? Did you ever do me a favor for free? Are you willing to give me your free time to help me free of charge? » We know the answer….

The good manners of humans in general having become what they are today, if sometimes I had the good and happy surprise of seeing visitors arrive with their arms full, this case will remain a rarity....

The visits and the extensive advice are complimentary for all our customer owners who already have a beauceron or a patou from the Plaine d'Astrée and who have trusted us and do so with the greatest pleasure. Of course, the future owner of one of our babies will receive a lot of free advice throughout their life as much as they wish, and this is completely normal for us who ensure the lifelong monitoring of our 4 legs.

A check is required for the pre-reservation of an unborn puppy if you wish to have priority and be certain of obtaining a baby from our breeder. The latter will only be collected when the puppies are 2 weeks old (given that we have living beings, mortality in the first days is always possible). The puppies are 14 days old, this check becomes a deposit and will be cashed, the reservation becoming firm and final. Under no circumstances, even if canceled on the same day, the amount will not be refunded. The change of ownership of the dog with the i-cad service will only be effective after the total bank receipt of the last payment, in order to avoid any problem of unpaid debt, remaining the owner of our puppy until its full payment, we will therefore have various possibilities. We take credit cards and cash or accept bank transfers which must be in our account before picking up your puppy.

We are available every afternoon of the year, the morning being devoted to managing the daily tasks of breeding and caring for our companions, however, due to a busy schedule and a busy life private, we ask you to contact us for an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. We must organize ourselves in order to be able to receive you in the best conditions and answer your many questions with great pleasure, having over the years acquired serious experience in breeding, education and feeding, while being qualified , we will be able to offer you our best advice in order to perfect the future and the acquisition of a dog for life.

It is possible that sometimes it is difficult to reach us by telephone, as the line is often busy. Please insist. We reserve the right to refuse a sale if we consider that the conditions necessary for the happiness of our dogs are not met; we must respect the character characteristics of the breed, beyond the simple physique that will please you.

Given the risks of health problems (parvovirus, distemper, etc.) in certain places, and wishing not to expose our puppies and dogs to this risk which often results in mortality, visitors and future owners are subject to our health requirements. We refuse visits with strollers, comforters of all kinds, food, toys and young children who are not independent, poorly educated and not respectful of animals. Screams and tears are straight out the door, we cannot talk properly and pleasantly with unbearable children. We can't tolerate tantrums and our dogs don't have to put up with abuse from your brats. Be serious, you can't both monitor your children and listen to our advice! We also do not want to act like a policeman to protect our animals who are not there to suffer all the whims of your children and personally I hate having to intervene in YOUR children's stupidities in your place! That's not my role. You raise your offspring as you wish, but at the Plaine d’Astrée, respect for animals will always remain a priority above and beyond any biped. All well-behaved and respectful children are admitted to the breeding without any problem and with great pleasure.

This will also seem obvious to some people, but we will also ask it, do not visit SPAs, veterinarians, pet stores, other breeders or puppy sales exhibitions before visiting OUR breeder and even the days before! The puppies' lives depend on it, your clothes, shoes, etc. are formidable carriers of dangerous microbes and viruses.

We thank you for your understanding, hoping to count you among our next customers and animal-friendly friends.

All these recommendations give you the guarantee of leaving with the puppy that will give you happiness and satisfaction.

puppy-patou-montagne-des-pyrenees plain of astree
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